Friday, 27 January 2012

Scunthorpe United - Glanford Park

Scunthorpe United FC
Glanford Park
Doncaster Road
DN15 8TD

Matchday Number: 95
Friday 8th October 2004
Scunthorpe United 2-0 Wycombe Wanderers
Coca Cola League 2

My only visit to Glanford Park wasn't a memorable or pleasant visit. Wycombe lost 2-0 in an insipid performance. And the ridiculous stewards stopped me taking my KFC into the ground as it "constituted an offensive weapon". It was a Friday night game for some reason. Paul Hayes was the man who did the damage, first scoring and then winning a penalty that Andy Crosby converted to give Wycombe their first away defeat of the season. It was certainly a long journey back on the supporters coach that night, the only funny thing I remember someone went to the expense of having Gary Silk's nickname of Psycho printed on the back of their shirt, the only thing was it had been spelt PHYSCHO!

Glanford Park is a pretty dull looking new build. Unlike most new grounds, the roofs have supporting pillars which block your view. That said it isn't too bad. 3 sides of the ground are all seated (away supporters are given behind one goal. The other end is terracing at the home end. There are a few pubs near the ground, though I didn't go in them when I went.  There is also a retail park with various food outlets and a Tesco very nearby.

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