Thursday, 15 December 2011

Newcastle United - St James' Park

Newcastle United FC
St James' Park
Strawberry Place
Newcastle Upon Tyne

0844 372 1892
Official Website

Ground Number: 123
Sunday 26th November 2006
Newcastle United 1-0 Portsmouth
FA Carling Premiership

This blog will be updated in due course - revisit planned for the future.


ST JAMES' PARK is one of my favourite grounds in the Premiership and is one of the larger in the Premiership. The capacity is around 50,000 and is unlikely to increase with the underground Metro train system and local university impeding further expansion. It is very close to the city centre, so there is no end of pubs and places to eat, which makes for a great day out. Views and legroom are great and with a passionate and friendly set of fans, I'm looking forward to a revisit.

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