Friday, 3 May 2013

Cobham FC - Leg o' Mutton Field

Cobham FC
Leg O' Mutton Field
Downside Bridge Road
KT11 3EP

07850 211165

Ground Number: 270
Friday 3rd May 2013
Colliers Wood United 2-0 Horley Town
Combined Counties League - Premier Division


I was mainly concentrating on clubs from steps 1-4 but had enjoyed a few good games at step 5, not least, the NCEL hop that I did just over a month ago. I knew the Combined Counties League quite well, having watched a fair few AFC Wimbledon games when they were in this league, back in 2003. The clubs must miss AFC Wimbledon's extra fans and revenue that they bought. The league had changed a fair bit since I'd last seen it, but there were still some familiar names in it.  As for the current teams, Colliers Wood were in real danger of relegation if results went against them, but fears would be eased if they could win tonight. Horley meanwhile were in a safe mid-table position and going nowhere division wise. Guernsey, in 2nd, were in the crazy situation of having to play 4 games in 4 days over the bank holiday weekend, this being due to a large number of postponements due to bad weather.

As it was nearing the end of the season and was a nice sunny day, I decided I would try and find a game to watch. It certainly beat staying in and would be nice to get some fresh air. The only viable option was Colliers Wood United v Horley Town, being played at Cobham FC, because of troubles with their own pitch that had been ongoing a few months. Actually, it would be my first of 4 days in a row of football, with the Wycombe Wanderers Legends match on Saturday, and playoff finals for the Ryman and Southern Leagues on Sunday and Monday. I finished work at lunchtime and spent the afternoon at home. After dinner I left at 6.20 and had a fairly uneventful journey, arriving in Cobham an hour later. After going in and getting a programme, I went to the bar for a Bulmers. By the time I had finished my drink, the teams were just kicking off and so I picked a spot along the side.


Horley were the better side during the first half, but they nearly got big help from the Colliers Wood keeper John McBride. He missed a pass back and the ball rolled right along the goal line before being cleared for a corner. The best entertainment of the first half was watching Horley's Scottish manager Ali Rennie get upset at a number of decisions that the referee was making. To be fair, he had a point, the referee even admitted he had cocked up! The second half was a different story with Colliers Wood starting to play like a side that was doing their best to avoid relegation. Midway through the second half, they got a penalty. After the injury that resulted in the penalty was treated, they converted it to give them the lead. They continued to have the better of the game and sealed the victory on 86 minutes when Mario Embalo lifted the ball over the outcoming keeper. The visitors did have the chance to get one back in the last minute when they came close with a free-kick but it wasn't to be. So with this result, Colliers Wood move 4 points clear of the relegation and that should just about see them safe, barring Hartley Wintney pulling something special out of the bag.


LEG O MUTTON FIELD is a decent ground for this level, but would probably need improvements were they to be promoted. On a sunny Friday night it was a nice place to watch football though. The ground is mainly open standing, with a small area of cover behind one goal. There is a main stand, one of those metal pre fabricated ones, holding around 150. There is a small bar at the ground which offers cans and bottles, whilst the tea bar is also in this building.

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