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Blackpool - Bloomfield Road

Blackpool FC
Bloomfield Road
Seasiders Way

0871 622 1973
Official Website

Matchday Number: 77
Saturday 25th August 2001
Blackpool 2-2 Wycombe Wanderers
Nationwide League Division 2

My first visit to Blackpool was in August 2001. Wycombe played out a 2-2 draw in sunny Blackpool and really should have won it, despite twice falling behind. We were unlucky again in a 1-0 defeat in March 2003, a solitary John Murphy goal winning it for the seasiders

Another August visit was again in 2003. It was a great time to be playing Blackpool, still nice and warm at the end of the summer in August. Nowadays it would have been a weekend away for sure, but at the time I wasn't really into driving to games. Though I had arranged to drive to this game, but my mate Adam let me down the day before, saying his Mum said he was not allowed, this for a man who was in his twenties at the time. So I had to chance my arm on getting a place on the coach the following morning. I was told that unless someone pulled out there would be no space. The night before, I though "bollocks" and so went round to another mate, Paul's house. I got totally out of my tree on cider to take out my frustration and also had a Phall Curry with extra Chillies - the daft things you do when you have had a few! The next morning I woke up feeling like crap, so certainly didn't fancy driving up to Blackpool. So it was lucky that somehow a space was found for me on the coach, despite there being no drop outs.

We made good time getting up the motorway and were in Blackpool by around 12.30. After having a good time down the seafront we made our way to the game. This time it was a defeat for Wycombe. We played fantastically well for the first 44 minutes, going 2-0 up and playing some great stuff. But then 2 quick goals for Blackpool knocked the wind out of Wycombe sails and the second half was an anti climax. We lost 3-2 in the end. One amusing incident from that, when we got back to the ground on the coach, Adam (yes he of the domineering mother!) was talking to our best player that day, Richard Harris, going on about how good he was, and how bad we turned when he got injured and the substitute Billy Harding (a youth player) came on. You should have seen the look on his face when the aforementioned Harding stepped out from behind Harris, as Adam had not seen him at the time of making the comment!

BLOOMFIELD ROAD has been completely rebuilt in the last decade. 3 sides are all joined together, with the latest side being built since my last visit. On the other side, the away fans are now housed in a temporary stand, or at least one side of it. The ground is all seated and has a capacity of 16,750. The ground is really near the town centre and the sea front, with all the pubs and takeaways that go with it.

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