Thursday, 14 November 2013

Gainsborough Trinity - Northolme

Gainsborough Trinity FC

DN21 2QW

01427 613295

Ground Number: 313
Tuesday 12th November 2013
Gainsborough Trinity 0-1 Boston United
Conference North

For the second game in 3 days I was staying up in Cleethorpes and originally planning to go to Goole, up near Hull. But I was meeting 2 lads I knew in Grimsby at 6.30, and looking at the fixtures Gainsborough was nearer. It was also in a higher league, the Conference North, which I was getting close to completing. So I decided to go there instead.

On the day, I left just after 10.30, and had 5 grounds to take pictures of along the way:

Peterborough Northern Star: Couldn't really see much as it was very securely locked up with high fences and hardly anywhere to see inside.

Peterborough Sports: Pretty decent, looked modern. I think they play in the United Counties League, it was tidy, mainly open standing with a small seated stand.

Spalding United: This team used to play in the Southern League and it showed with a big stand. The rest of the ground was open apart from a small covered area next to the stand. I managed to get inside a ground for the first time today here.

Boston Town: Probably the best ground of the day, this one had cover on 3 sides and seating on 2. All very neat too and situated in some nice woodland.

Louth Town: Looked a very nice ground, with a big stand. But I couldn't get inside to see more. Very impressive for step 6 of the Pyramid though.

After all that, I eventually got to my bed and breakfast in Cleethorpes at 4.15. I chilled until 6 before heading over to Grimsby to pick up William and John, 2 good mates who I had met at Hyde, and on a few other occasions. We made our way to Gainsborough and despite it being one of the busiest games of the year, we found a parking space fairly easy.

We all went straight to the ground and I went to the club shop to get a pen for just 50p. I also picked up a team sheet, then we went and got something to eat in the form of sausage and chips from the tea bar. The atmosphere was pretty good with both sets of fans in good voice and singing about how much they hated each other.

I'd never seen Gainsborough play before, but I had been to their ground to take pictures. That was on the day that I dropped a mate off at Scunthorpe before going off to tick one of the 92 at Doncaster. Boston meanwhile were much more familiar, even if I hadn't seen them play for a couple of years. The last time I had seen them play back back on Non League Day 2011 when they played at Bishops Stortford. But they had been regular opponents in the Conference and I caught the last 2 seasons of that when I started watching Wycombe. One game I remember was an entertaining 3-3 draw at Adams Park, this despite Wycombe being top and Boston bottom at the time. Later on we played them in the football league when they were under the controversial stewardship of Steve Evans. Since then financial issues had seen them go down to the Conference North, and they hadn't shown much of a recovery since. They were having their best season for ages, sitting 4th in the table and were managed by former Wycombe player Dennis Greene.

The game itself was pretty good, despite it remaining 0-0 for much of the game. Gainsborough had the better of the first half despite being down in 17th place. The game changed on a sending off just before half time when a Gainsborough player was sent off for a heavy tackle. The man advantage suited Boston, but they still made hard work of getting the win. The goal that won the game arrived on 72 minutes when a player turned in the area and fired into the bottom right hand corner. Hard on Gainsborough but it put Boston up to 2nd, though other teams had games in hand on them.

On the way home we listed to BBC Lincolnshire and they interviewed both managers. Surprisingly it was the first time that Boston had won 2 games in a row this season. It was a bit of an easier drive back and after dropping the lads off, I was back at my bed and breakfast by 10.45, watching some YouTube videos before going to bed.

NORTHOLME is a traditional non league ground and is a favourite amongst ground hoppers. There are 2 sides of covered terracing and an end of open terracing that is given to away fans. Their is also a seated stand holding around 500 which looks more modern than the rest of the ground. The club shop is decent with a wide range of stuff, as has the tea bar. I didn't go in the club house, but I have heard good things about it and think it is in the good beer guide.

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