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Wrexham - The Racecourse Ground

Wrexham FC
The Racecourse Ground
Mold Road
LL11 2AH

01978 262129

Matchday Number: 37
Saturday 10th April 1999
Wrexham 0-2 Wycombe Wanderers
Nationwide League Division 2

Wycombe were in the midst of a relegation battle on my first visit to the Racecourse Ground. The omens were not good going on our previous record up there - we had lost on every one of our previous 4 visits. Our recent form had been a lot better though, this was to be out 3rd successive away win. Goals from Jermaine McSporran and Dave Carroll were enough to lift Wycombe out of the relegation zone for the first time since the early weeks of the season. But the visit I am going to write about here is our last one, in October 2008, courtesy of my old blog.

A Wednesday night trip to Wrexhamfor the hardy Wycombe followers, of which 102 made the long journey to North Wales for a disappointing 0-0 draw with the Red Dragons.

North Wales as I am sure some of you are aware is home to the "Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban" - the once and only Richard Brunstrom. The man who puts the "you know what" into Constable, obsessed with catching drivers a fraction over the speed limit, yet wants to legalise drugs like Heroin, and probably give them out free on the NHS! And true to form there is a speed camera right outside Wrexham's ground!

The man who likens the association of British drivers to the BNP (!), performed a rap at the association of Black Police Officers (which they found patronizing) and showed a picture of a deceased motor cyclist whose head had been decapitated to the press, without even asking the dead man's family. But all this is par for the course and sadly inevitable under today's Labour government.

Right, rant over, that filled a bit of space because there was precious little else to talk about in today's game. A poor performance by Wycombe, with Frank Fielding saving Wycombefurther embarrassment with a penalty save in the first half. Apart from that there were very few chances, most of Wycombe's attacks came near the end, all too late to make an impact. A few of the older supporters were even chanting "Lambert Out!!" after he failed to make any substitutions until very late on.

And to cap it all, when we got back to Adams Park, a coachload of supporters found themselves locked out of the ground as some clever clogs had locked up and gone home with the keys, despite the obvious visual clues of several cars being in the car park. It was all sorted out after a 20 minute wait, but with some having to be up for work early the next morning it was pretty damn inconvenient.

Let's hope for better against Swindon in the FA Cup on Saturday, perform like we did tonight against a higher division side and we could be in for a hiding.

THE RACECOURSE GROUND is now a non league stadium, thanks to the Red Dragons relegation to the Conference a few years back. With a capacity of 15,500 it was one of the better league grounds.

On my visits, away fans have always been given the Eric Roberts Stand. This is a 2 tiered seated stand, and away fans are always restricted to the top tier in my experience. Though I did go in the bottom when it was a terrace, that was on my first visit. The view is pretty good from here. To the left is the Sainsbury's Stand, another 2 tiered stand. At the other end is the Kop, the only remaining terrace in the ground, though I believe it is no longer used. This is a sad state of affairs as it is a large terrace and is where most of the vocal support for the team came from. Lastly, to the right, is the Pryce Griffiths Stand. This is the most modern stand and is pretty pleasing on the eye, with an interesting shaped roof.

The ground is not far from the town, so you won't go hungry or thirsty, and on the times I have been, the Wrexham fans have been friendly and not as nationalistic as some Cardiff and Swansea fans can be.

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