Friday, 16 December 2011

MK Franchise - National Hockey Stadium

Matchday Number: 105
Tuesday 15th March 2005
MK Franchise 1-2 Wycombe Wanderers Reserves
Bucks & Berks Cup

After a football team was disgracefully kicked out of the football league to make way for the Franchise from Milton Keynes, they played their first year at the meccano set that is the National Hockey Stadium. Wycombe played their twice, a 3-1 defeat in the league and a victory in the Berks and Bucks Cup with the reserve team.

Right, that's all I am writing, too many words have been written already. And anyway, last time I and my fellow fans let our feelings known, the great John Gorman didn't like it, as the Bucks Free Press story below indicates

BLUES boss John Gorman ordered his team's fans to clean up their language during Tuesday Berks and Bucks Cup derby at MK Dons.
The gaffer was so disgusted by the swearing from his side's small knot of supporters at the National Hockey Stadium that he stood up in the directors box and called on them to curb it.
Then, during the interval, one of his directors went into the crowd to repeat his instructions to cool it.Tempers flared among the small crowd with Wanderers fans angry that the Dons, formerly known as FA Cup winners Wimbledon, have been allowed to relocate to Milton Keynes.
Some Blues fans even went as far as boycotting the game against a team they have dubbed The Franchise Club.

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  1. Minor point. Wimbledon weren't kicked out of the league. Peter Winkleman simply bought the club and moved them, franchise-style. The FA didn't kick them out, they just allowed it to happen, just as bad in my opinion