Monday 25 September 2023

IFK Helsingfors II - Toolon Pallokentta

IFK Helsingfors II
Toolon Pallokentta
Urheilukatu 5
00250 Helsinki

Ground Number: 1126
Friday 22nd September 2023 
HIFK II 2-1 Kurvin Vauhti 
Kolmonen Etela


As this was an unexpected match for me, I had no idea about the status of the teams. It turned out it was in the Kolmomen Group A. This is the fourth level of Finnish Football and everything here is very regionalised. HIFK's second team normally plays at a venue called Talin Nurmi 1 which is a grass pitch around 5km from the Bolt Arena. The ground that was used tonight was the artificial surface and is occupied by three teams that play in the Kolkonnen. Toolon Taisto take their name from the area the ground is in and play in Group A. SAPA play in Group B and Toukolan Terras play in Group C.



When I left home on the morning of the game, I had no idea that I'd be doing this game. I'd seen it as an option but had no idea that this was adjacent to the main stadium. It was only when I got to the ground and had two choices that I realised how close they were. I decided pretty quickly that I was going to do it, even though I could miss up to half an hour of the second game. From my first game which had ended in rain, I dashed around to this one, arriving around 25 minutes in. Luckily it was still 0-0, a fact I was able to confirm with one of the many away fans in attendance. As much as anything, the game would give me a chance to take shelter under some trees. They'd not travelled far, having come from the Alppiharju district.

HIFK II had thumped Espoo 5-0 last week but were in patchy form other than that losing 2-1 at EBK and 3-1 to EsPa. They'd also drawn 2-2 at Kirkkonumni. They were 6th with Kurvin Vauhti rock bottom in 12th. They'd lost their last twelve games including a couple of 7-0's and 6-1's. Their sole win came when they beat EPS II 3-2 on 2nd June. HIFK II took the lead soon after I arrived, a header clipping the post on the way in. That was 31 minutes, then on 34 Kurvin equalised with a low shot, catching the defence off guard. The rain soon died down and it was a short half-time before things resumed. The visiting keeper pulled off some great saves to keep his team in it. On 75 minutes, a firm header following a right-sided corner gave the hosts the lead. It had been coming but Kurvin Vauhti had put in a brave and committed performance. They had a couple of wayward efforts before a home goal was ruled out for offside. Right at the end, a dipping shot for the visitors nearly gave them the equaliser but it was just over.

From the game, the intention was to visit Bar Mendocino which promised a load of ciders that I'd not had. However, when I turned up, instead of being from local Micro Breweries, they were the same mass-produced stuff that I'd bought in the supermarket earlier. They'd been mislabelled on the Untappd app. I decided not to bother and instead headed to the shop to get some drinks for the morning. I wasn't in the mood for drinking the same sort of stuff I'd had earlier so I decided to call it a night. It would probably do me good given I had a couple yesterday and with an early alarm for the second consecutive day, the early night would be nice too. I watched videos in bed as I wasn't yet tired and typed my blog on my phone whilst having some flavoured water.


TOOLON PALLOKENTA is one of many grounds or stadiums in the area that includes the Bolt Arena and the Olympic Stadium. This particular ground has two pitches, one on the end of the other. There is a huge long stand of wooden benches that covers both pitches, though the wooden benches are uncovered. It's a fairly attractive venue, though it is one-sided, though one end could be put to use as there is space. No specific food and drink facilities were available although there are plenty at the main Stadium.

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