Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mossley - Seel Park

Mossley FC
Seel Park
Market Street

01457 832369

Matchday Number: 290
Monday 26th August 2013
Mossley 2-3 Curzon Ashton
NPL D1 North

Between the last game I attended and today's double, I had decided to scrap my daft notion of going back to a desktop PC. I had initially been reluctant to scrap it due to me losing a load of cash on the deal, but after another annoying day I decided to go back to my Macbook, which had been pretty much perfect anyway, so I don't know what I was doing going back a desktop PC (apart from wanting a bigger screen) I will just have to bite the bullet and learn from this financially - I will be lucky if I make under a 3 figure loss on all the stuff I have bought, and I was reminded so many times why I left Windows for Mac OSX. You live and learn I suppose. Although an update on this, from when I am writing this the day after the game, I am returning the PC to the company for a refund, so the loss should be less than expected.

Anyway, at least I had football to take my mind off of things. And today would be 2 games in one day. First up was Mossley, a ground I had wanted to visit for ages, after going there randomly on a Sunday on the way back from a weekend away. They were really friendly and showed me round the boardroom and some of the trophies that they had won down the years. It was also a classic old ground with some nice scenery all around, so I was really looking forward to it.

Today's opponents were Curzon Ashton, who I had seen around a year and a half ago at their own ground were flying after a perfect start to the season. They had won 3 out of 3. They were another really friendly club, and it was a great night out. I had also seen them play at New Mills last season and had met a few people from there, one of whom was their manager John Flanagan's son Aaron, who I chat to on Facebook and Twitter. Mossley meanwhile, were still looking for their first win of the season - they had drawn 2 and lost 1 of their opening 3 games.

I left at 9 and after a few delays got to Mossley at 12.40. I parked up near the ground and put a pub I had found in my CAMRA app, the Rising Sun, into Google maps. Looking on their website they looked to have a great range of ciders, which was right up my street. After a jog up there I got there just before 1PM. I was delighted to find a cider that was exclusive to the pub, made by Pure North. I also had a pint of Naish's Singing Cider, both of which were delicious. A really friendly place too, with lovely scenery of the rolling hills out of the front window. A place that I will certainly be returning to in the future, and probably now my favourite ever pub. After that I walked back into town looking for food, but being a bank holiday, everywhere was closed. So I bought some chicken and brownies from the Co-Op, collected my things from my car and went into the ground.

After paying to get in and buying a programme I took a walk around the ground and got some pictures. I was looking forward to visiting the club shop, but sadly it remained closed for the afternoon. I consoled myself with some chips, which were excellent and good value at £1.20. It was really hot and so I took some shelter under the stand where it was a bit cooler. The game was a decent one and a real local derby as the 2 sides are a few miles from each other.

Matthew Warburton gave Curzon Ashton the lead when he was put through and finished an easy one on one chance. It remained that way at the break and the visitors were good value for their lead. However in the second half Mossley stepped up their game and were rewarded with an equaliser on 59 minutes when Sam Madeley netted after a real bit of goalmouth pinball. Their joy was short lived however as Warburton got his second for Curzon a minute later, a header from a corner restoring their lead. It looked to be all over on 66 minutes as Warburton took the ball round the keeper before finishing into an empty net. However, there was still time for Mossley to set up a frenetic finish when Kevin McGrath headed in. Despite applying lots of pressure in the remaining 10 minutes or so, they were unable to find the equaliser.

It had been a good first part to the day, and it was nice when a couple of Mossley fans came up and shook my hand and thanked me for coming all the way from Wycombe. I am glad I had come, the only disappointment was that the club shop was closed, as I bet there is a right treasure trove of books and programmes etc in there.

SEEL PARK is a wonderfully traditional old ground, and a must visit for any groundhopper as there are not many round like it anymore. The main stand is on the same side as you go in and holds around 300. There is a covered terrace to the right, holding around 600, and one opposite holding around 500. The rest is open terracing. A really friendly club on both occasions I have visited too and you will be made to feel welcome. And the view of the rolling countryside around the ground is very nice too.

The club shop looks to be good judging from the website. I ordered a small pennant and a pen for £3.50 including postage as it was not open on my visit. The tea bar was good value too, and the chips I had were lovely. The bar was busy when I went there, but I didn't take much notice as I had already had a couple of pints and had to drive to Hyde after the game. The town is nearby and has a few places, though I'd recommend visiting the Rising Sun - a superb range of drinks and they did pizzas too, which I wish I'd tried.

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